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Christmas Candles with Holly pattern

Unique, unusual and beautiful – Perfect for the perfect Christmas table

Add some unique festive cheer to your Christmas table this year with these gorgeous and ethical Christmas candles with a beautiful Holly pattern.
As they burn they gently glow through the patterns and bring some beautiful festive light to the room.


Make it the perfect gift by adding a beautiful glass jar of matches

Christmas Candles with Holly pattern


A unique and beautiful pattern 

Each of these Christmas candles with a Holly pattern has been expertly crafted by professional candle-makers in the mountain kingdom of Eswatini, so you can be sure of exceptional quality. And as they’re handmade, no two Elephant Candles will be exactly the same.

The artisans shape these candles using the ancient ‘millefiori’ technique, which was perfected in Italy to create the finest glass sculptures. This technique was then translated into use with wax.  


Mini Pillar

6cm high by 7cm wide
Burn time: Approx. 15 hours

Mini Cube

5cm high by 5cm wide
Burn time: Approx. 15 hours

9cm Pillar 

9cmcm x 9cm
Burn time: Approx. 45 hours each (These sizes are re-useable due to the hard outer wax maintaining it’s shape – therefore you could add a tea light and keep using the candle forever!)

Double Pillar

Approx. 18cm x 9cm
Burn time: Approx. 80 hours. (also reuseable!)

Please place a fireproof dish under all candles.

Did you know? The link between holly and Christmas can be traced back to Roman times. It was the sacred plant of Saturn, the god of agriculture. The Romans sent boughs of holly to friends to mark the Saturnalia Festival, celebrated between 17 and 23 December—the darkest time of the year. After the Romans adopted Christianity, holly became a symbol of Christmas instead.  

Also, druids wore it in Northern Europe to ward off evil. Anyway… we got completely side-tracked when looking into holly! 

Aside from these interesting facts, the candles look incredible when lit. If there was a glowing competition, they would surely win. And, do you want to know something else amazing? Thes larger patterned pillar candles are reusable! Just pop in a tea light after they’ve burned down in the middle and keep using them forever.

About Swazi Candles – Proud founding members of SWIFT (Swaziland Fair Trade Association)

Swazi Candles was started in an old cowshed of a former dairy in 1982 by two South African art graduates. The little workshop soon gained a great reputation for producing unique candles and started attracting many visitors.

The vibrancy of the workshop, uniqueness of the products and the skill of the artisans resulted in Swazi Candles becoming one of Eswatini’s premier tourist attractions. Today, its unique candles are being treasured by ethical consumers worldwide. 

How your purchase can make a difference 

Eswatini (formerly known as Swaziland) is one of the poorest countries in the world. Over 40% of its population live on less than US$ 1.25 per day. Because of unfavourable climate conditions and low agricultural productivity, poverty is widespread.

Fairtrade benefits to artisans

Swazi Candles are one of the founding members of SWIFT (Swaziland Fair Trade Association). Its workers are part of the decision-making process in the company, which is committed to sharing profits and paying a living wage. By buying our candles, you play an important part in supporting this fairtrade movement.

How these Christmas candles are made

The wax is coloured by mixing pigments with hot wax, which is then poured into flat sheets.

Sheets are marked, cut and then carefully layered according to the chosen design.

The resulting slabs are compressed, extruded and re-extruded and then sliced into thin veneers.

These veneers are then taken by the candle makers and skilfully stretched over a core of pure white wax and hand made into the desired shapes.

To get the best out of your Christmas candle, please read the directions before use

–      Keep the wick trimmed to 1/4 inch (0.6 cm).

–      Remove all packaging before use and place your lovely candle in a suitable container capable of containing any wax spillage.

–      Although the candle is generally self-contained, we advise using a heat resistant coaster or similar.

–      Burn your candle away from drafts and for no more than a couple of hours at a time (this prevents the hard outer wax from melting).

–      Extinguish your candle with a snuffer or the back of a metal spoon. Take care not to damage the wick.

–      Pour off any molten wax, if necessary, to enhance the flame.

–      Lean back, relax and enjoy! 😊

Additional information

Weight.5 g

Mini Pillar, Mini Cube, 9cm Pillar, Double Pillar

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