Soapstone tea-light holders

Tea light holders with a difference!

Hand carved, polished, painted and waxed in Kisii, Kenya. These adorable tea light holders will certainly get people talking.

Eco-friendly and sustainable.


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Soapstone tea-light holders


These beautiful carved tea light holders are handmade in Kisii, Kenya by a small co-operative group.

Which one will you choose?


Adorable elephant tea light holder: 10 cm tall

Gorgeous giraffe tea light holder: 10 cm tall

*Tea light candles are not included

About the makers

Stone sculptures have been carved in Kiisi in Kenya for over 60 years. The stone is soft and varies in colour from white to rose and even grey. Carvers work in small groups with each group specialising in certain carvings. The carvings are then polished and dyed in vibrant colours and beautiful etchings inscribed in them by skilled teams of artisans.

Did you know?

Handmade Soapstone Carvings have less than 1% environmental impact from production and disposal compared to non-recyclable plastic or resin products.

*Eco-friendly       *Sustainable       *Ethical

Please see the rest of our range of ethical tea light holders.

Additional information

Weight N/A

Elephant tea light holder, Giraffe Tea light holder


Eco-friendly packaging                            

We only use recycled or non-plastic packaging, so your purchase will be better for the planet, too!

Delivery speed 

Once you place your order, we will dispatch your candle within 2-3 working days. (Please note there may be delays during Covid.) 


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