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3 piece wooden cutlery set

Your ideal travelling companion

This wooden cutlery set is ideal for anywhere you go and anytime you eat. Whether it’s travelling, camping, festivals, hiking, or simply at your office!

Pop them in your bag and you will never need to use a plastic takeaway fork again in your life!


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3 piece wooden cutlery set


Beautifully detailed wooden cutlery set – Hand carved and ethically sourced from Kenya where it has been made from sustainably sourced Olive wood.


Olive Wood with bone handles.
Bone accents are a bi-product of the Kenyan farming industry and each design is hand-batiked using vegetable dyes. This may cause slight variations from the image shown.


18cm x 3cm

* Please note that these are all handmade so there may be some small variations in size.


Olive wood has an excellent reputation for being harder and less porous than other woods. We recommend hand washing your wooden utensils with a mild detergent and warm water. Avoid boiling water and dishwashers as high temperatures may cause the wood to expand and split. Always towel dry after washing to prevent moisture cracks.

Rub your utensils periodically with mineral oil — when the utensils appear dull and the last oil treatment has worn off. This helps to prevent liquid from soaking into the wood and keeps it in good condition. After applying the oil, let the utensils sit for a few hours and then wipe off the excess. How often you treat the utensils with oil depends on how often they get used.

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