Tree Of Life Recycled Planter

A wonderful ethical and environmentally planter to add to your garden.

Made from recycled tyres, this rubber planter is unbreakable, easy to manoeuvre and wonderfully hand decorated with the Tree of Life.

Practical garden ware that will last and help prevent damaging waste.


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Tree Of Life Recycled Planter


This is an environmentally friendly product using recycled material on a fair trade basis.


20 x 20 x 31cm
*Handmade In India
*Ethically sourced
*Creates sustainable employment
*Environmentally friendly
*Recycled materials

About the supplier

Our supplier in India has a deep commitment to traditional craft producers and they aim to help them to revive their culture and improve their livelihoods through handicraft production. They promote sustainable development of the environment, using recycled materials where possible.

Additional information


Stripes, ZigZag


Eco-friendly packaging                            

We only use recycled or non-plastic packaging, so your purchase will be better for the planet, too!

Delivery speed 

Once you place your order, we will dispatch your candle within 2-3 working days.  


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