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Uduseke Storage Baskets

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Rwandan Peace Basket: The Symbol of Unity and Craftsmanship

Discover the Agaseke Basket, a symbol of unity and resilience in Rwanda. Handwoven with sisal fibre and papyrus, these baskets were traditionally used for storage and given as gifts. Today, they are admired worldwide as exquisite decor pieces.

At Karakorum, we take pride in offering ethically-made products that support communities of artisan weavers. Each Agaseke Basket tells a story of cultural heritage and the strength of the Rwandan people. By purchasing a basket from us, you’re not only adding a unique piece to your home but also making a positive impact on the livelihoods of our artisans.


Uduseke Storage Baskets


Get enchanted by the Agaseke Basket – a masterpiece handwoven with sisal fibre and papyrus in Rwanda. It’s an exquisite decor item that’s functional too! It’s large and sustainable, perfect for storage, with a beautiful black pattern on white, and a lid to keep your treasures safe. Shop with us today to celebrate sustainable living and support the artisans who create these storied beauties.


Small – Uduseke stacking baskets – set of 5 stacking baskets inside ranging from mini to 22cm tall
Medium – 40- 50cm tall
Large – 50- 60 cm  tall
Extra Large – 60cm tall
Although please note that these are handmade and made so that they stack. There will always be some variation in the sizing.

Discover the Artisans

Welcome to our extraordinary collection of handcrafted products from the Craft Group in Rwanda. This remarkable group of 12 widows and orphans, who tragically lost their families during the Genocide in 1994, found strength and purpose through their creative talents. With limited supplies and a powerful determination, they crafted a few pieces back in 1996 and sold them locally in Rwanda. That was the humble beginning of their journey.

Over time, the Craft Group expanded its reach, welcoming others with similar life stories to join their ranks. They supported and trained each other, honing their skills and sharing the precious knowledge they had acquired. Their unwavering commitment to their craft resulted in the creation of a remarkable range of products that radiate love, dedication, and extraordinary artistry. By purchasing their crafts, you embark on a powerful journey – one that supports these exceptional women, their families, and their dreams for a brighter future.

At Karakorum, we celebrate the Craft Group’s artistry, preserve their cultural heritage, and create a more inclusive world through fair-trade practices. Each product showcases the resilience, hope, and transformation behind it. With each purchase, you become a vital part of their story and join us in supporting sustainable economic opportunities for these talented artisans. Together, we can make a difference and embrace the beauty and the possibilities of their remarkable journey.

You can also find out more about the secret histories of our baskets on our blog here. 

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Small Stacking baskets, Medium, Large, Extra Large

2 reviews for Uduseke Storage Baskets

  1. Sarah Atherton

    I got given this for Christmas! I LOVE IT! I have it at the top of my stairs and it makes me smile every time I walk up them and remember the story (this is about a 100 times a day at the moment!) and how lucky I am to have people with impeccable taste and great ethics in my life!

  2. Michelle B (verified owner)

    I bought the stacking baskets which are so well made and absolutely beautiful. They are useful even to the smallest size for storage. The customer service at Karakoram is always excellent as well.

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