Tangerine Zig Zag - Tintsaba Basket

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Tangerine Zig Zag - Tintsaba Basket


These amazing hand-woven fair trade baskets are one of a kind. Not only collectible but stunning in craftsmanship and beauty.

In an exacting process, master weavers in rural Swaziland use a small needle to wrap brightly coloured sisal thread around the coils of these intricate baskets and each truly remarkable work of art takes up to 50 hours to create.

About Tintsaba

Tintsaba products are handmade by a women’s group in eSwatini, a tiny land-locked country in Southern Africa. Their items are hand woven from Sisal which is an invasive weed that grows throughout the country that is gathered and then processed using very little water and GOTs certified organic dyes. Tintsaba endeavours to be sustainable in all areas of production.

The women who work at Tintsaba baskets receive training enabling them to become master weavers, silversmiths or managers, giving them the chance to lift themselves and their families out of poverty.

Their products are recognised around the world for their outstanding quality as well as the beautiful story attached to them.

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