Swazi candles – Shweshwe Tea light holder




These fair trade tea light holders are made from a hard wax with the design printed on fabric. It comes with a soy tea light which can be replaced so that you can always enjoy the light shining through the beautiful pattern.

Shweshwe is a printed fabric of intricate design widely used in traditional attire since the 19th Century.

Originally produced by indigo fabric makers in India, Shweshwe is now manufactured in the Eastern Cape.

Some say the name comes from the rustling of the fabric, others hold that it comes from the name of the Sotho King Moshoeshoe 1, who was given the cloth by early French missionaries.

This tea light holder is  proud celebration of the collaboration of cross culturally inspired beauty.

Swazi Candles:

Swazi Candles was started in an old cowshed of a former dairy in 1982 by 2 South African art graduates. In those days The Kingdom of Swaziland was a haven of peace amidst troubled countries and proved to be an excellent place for setting up a Cottage Craft industry. The mountainous countryside was beautiful, the Swazi people were warm and friendly and proved to be ideal partners for our industry.

The little workshop soon gained a reputation for producing unique candles and started attracting visitors. The vibrancy of the workshop, uniqueness of the product and the skill of the artisans resulted in Swazi Candles becoming one of Swaziland’s premier tourist attractions. By the mid nineties the humble cowshed workshop had burgeoned into an industry that employed over 200 local people and exported candles all over the world.

Thy are one of the founding members of SWIFT (Swaziland Fair Trade Association).

See more about Swazi Candles here.

Additional information

Weight 210 g

Shweshwe blue vinyl, Shweshwe Lemon Drop, Shweshwe orange vinyl, Shweshwe Red kiwi, Shweshwe Red Sea, Shweshwe red vinyl


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