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The Great Big Green Week poster

Celebrate Green Week (and enter our fair trade prize draw!)

 You may have already seen some news stories and social media posts about the “Great Big Green Week” in England and its counterpart, the “Climate Fringe Week”, in Scotland. 

But what is it all about? Why should you get involved and how can you win a fantastic environmentally-friendly prize sponsored by Karakorum? 

We’ll answer all your questions in this post. 🙂

What’s the Great Big Green Week (18 – 26 September 2021)

This series of community events is “the biggest event for climate and nature ever in the UK”. It’s been organised by the Climate Coalition, which campaigns on climate change, sustainability, the environment, and human rights.) 

The ultimate aim is to ask our government to take urgent action, so we can achieve the following:

  • a limit of global warming to a maximum of 1.5 degrees;
  • the conservation of crucial species through new nature reserves;
  • significant financial support to adapt to climate change;
  • stopping new fossil fuel projects and saving carbon stores such as peat and woodland; and
  • investment in new green jobs, eco-friendly homes and products, cleaner transport and better nature protection.

Find full details of these demands here.

Which inspiring events will you attend?

There will be over 2,500 Great Big Green Week events across the country. See here which ones have been organised for you in your area or online. (For Climate Fringe sessions, check here.) 

We’ve handpicked some brilliant fair trade-related events for you below:

  • Why not attend the How Green Is Your T-shirt” fashion show in Reading on Saturday, 18 September? You’ll see beautiful upcycled T-shirts that have been styled with donations from fashion brands like People Tree. It’ll also be live-streamed on the WFTO Facebook page. 👕
  • Join a virtual cook-along session with Sandy Docherty, who’ll use a yummy range of Fairtrade and organic ingredients on 20, 21, and 22 September. Book free tickets via Eventbrite. 😋
  • If you love coffee, don’t miss this special online event on 21 September to hear how fair trade coffee farmers in Rwanda and Uganda are affected by climate change and how you could help them. Book your free tickets here.

As you can see, you don’t even have to leave your home to show your support. Why not also adapt and print out a Green Week poster to decorate one of your windows? This way, your neighbours may want to find out more about what all this is about, too…

You may even want to quickly email your MP with an automatically generated template, so they can push for real action on green issues.

How climate change affects farmers and suppliers in the Global South

As you probably know, climate change negatively impacts our suppliers of fair trade and ethically sourced goods already.

Many farmers are suffering from the consequences of extreme weather and rising temperatures, which increasingly lead to crop failure. This is especially true for tea, coffee, sugar, cocoa and wine production.

Even our own suppliers for Karakorum are struggling with this, as certain plants for natural dyes have been badly affected.

By supporting them through your purchases, you make greener choices and you help suppliers remain competitive. This combats some of the terrible effects of climate change on their businesses.

Fairtrade organisations honour the environment

One of the ten Fair Trade principles is respect for the environment. This means that all fair trade businesses aim to maximise the use of sustainable energy and raw materials while minimising waste and pollution.

We at Karakorum use sustainable options whenever we can, from sourcing to shipping. Wherever possible, our eco-friendly packaging is paper-based and 100% recyclable. 

Sometimes, where goods have to come by sea, via dusty roads or from very remote villages, plastic has to be used to protect them. However, we’re working with suppliers to reduce this or to find alternatives as much as possible.

Green ideas: simple product swaps that are sustainable and ethical

So, what kind of gifts or everyday items can you buy to become more eco-friendly, while supporting ethical and fair trade producers? We have a few examples for you from our own ranges:

  • This lovely throw is made from recycled cotton and will keep you cosy all year round. No plastic fibres in sight, which makes this a real winner and a wonderful eco-friendly gift.
  • For plant lovers, choose biodegradable products made from sustainable jute, such as these planters.
  • Instead of using plastic containers for fruit, sweets or toys, try our hand-crafted Bwindi baskets or our stunning Gone Rural bowls. They are produced using local materials and dyed with naturally occurring or eco-friendly colours. 

Win an amazing sustainable and fair trade prize with Karakorum

To celebrate the Great Big Green Week (GBGW) and Climate Fringe Week, enter our competition and win a beautiful throw and a sustainable jute planter

colourful throws made from recycled cotton
two jute plant holders

To enter our competition, just do one of the following:

  • If you’re on Instagram, share our GBGW Instagram post to your stories and tag us @karakorum_ethical_decor
  • If you’re on Facebook or Twitter, comment either on our GBGW Facebook post or reply to our GBGW tweet and tell us which events you found most interesting.
  • Or, if you’re not on social media, simply email us with the subject line “Prize draw”.

*Terms and conditions apply. UK residents over 18s only. Only one entry per person. Entries will close on 26th September 2021 at 11 pm BST. We will select the winner at random and announce them publicly on social media.  This competition is in no way affiliated, sponsored or administered by Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

Hopefully, we’ve whetted your appetite to get involved in the Green Week and Climate Fringe events. See you there!

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