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5 Fairtrade sweets you can enjoy with a good conscience

Our Fairtrade Five sweets & chocolate picks for you

As part of the international Fairtrade Fortnight celebrations this month, we’ll introduce you to a range of our favourite top five products. All of them are fairly traded, so we’ve called them our  “Fairtrade Five”. 🙂 We’ll cover everything, from sweets and snacks to jewellery and gadgets. Try them and let us know which products you like best on our social media channels! Make sure to tag us! 

One lucky person will win not only one of our gorgeous Swazi Candles but also a basket from our ethical homeware store. (Deadline: 6th March 2022, UK residents only. T&Cs apply.)

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Giveaway with basket and candle

What is Fairtrade Fortnight and why is it important?

The annual Choose the World you Want”-Festival is running again for two weeks, from 21 February to 6 March this year. It’s also known as “Fairtrade Fortnight”. Consumers, businesses and campaigners will come together online to show support for the farmers who produce our fair trade food under increasingly difficult circumstances.

Why you should buy fair trade sweets and snacks

Covid-19 and the climate crisis are severely affecting farmers around the world. However, those in poorer and developing countries are much worse off. Without fair trade, they are paid a pittance and often have to work (and live) in unsafe conditions. Governments, businesses and consumers all can – and should – change the current system. This means actively supporting the Fairtrade movement, which works with farmers and their communities to improve their lives. 

Besides, by buying produce with the Fairtrade trademark, you’ll get to enjoy delicious and high-quality products. All farmers control their produce rigorously, so you’ll get the best of the best. So, next time you’ll bite into a fairly traded chocolate bar, you can feel really good about it. Makes you feel extra gooey inside, doesn’t it?

Where can you buy fairly traded chocolate and sweets?

The good news: you can easily find a wide range of Fairtrade groceries and sweets in any supermarket these days, as well as online. Co-op, for example, offers a lot of choice here, but you can find many ranges in the top five UK supermarkets. However, don’t forget to shop in specialist fair trade stores, too!

Sweet tooth? Try these Fairtrade Five sweets and choccies

Tony’s Chocolonely

Our new favourite chocolate brand is definitely Tony’s Chocolonely.  On more than one occasion, their chocolate bars fuelled our late-night packing sessions before Christmas!

Not only do Tony’s produce delicious chocolate, but their mission is to help abolish child labour and modern slavery on cocoa plants worldwide. Their Fairtrade certification is a great basis to achieve this. Additionally, they have developed their own 5 sourcing principles to reach their goal:

  • getting traceable cocoa beans bought directly from trusted farmers
  • paying a higher, fair price to cocoa farmers
  • supporting farming co-operatives
  • funding these co-operatives long-term (for at least 5 years)
  • investing in higher quality products and farming skills

Our personal favourite? Tony’s vegan bundle.

tonys chocolony


Not a new brand, but one of our favourites! These crunchy little delights became Mars’ first Fairtrade brand in 2011. They’ve been going strong ever since. Plus, you can buy them easily anywhere you get snacks and treats. Which is a relief, as they’re so more-ish…

Co-op’s fair trade ice cream

Co-op already stocks a good range of fairly traded ice creams and Fairtrade snacks, but this spring they’ll add a new triple chocolate ice cream and yummy Easter confectionery to their shelves – 100% fair trade and 100% recyclable. What’s not to love? Put them on your wish list!

Fairtrade sweets from Coop
New Fairtrade ice cream

Ben and Jerry’s ice cream

Ben and Jerry’s products went Fairtrade in 2010. They source five fairly traded core ingredients: sugar, cocoa, vanilla, coffee and bananas. Also, they support smallholders through their own PDI programme (the  “Producer Development Initiative”). Try their vegan collection, too – it’s yummy!

Cotswold Fudge Co

Love fudge? Then buy Cotswold Fudge, which is handmade and uses fairly traded ingredients! They only use sugar and syrup sourced from over “20,000 small-scale farmers…in 4 countries”. In our opinion, their chocolate fudge is particularly good. Why not order some for a perfect afternoon in?

So, go on, treat yourself. And, for a change, you can do that without a bad conscience. 😃

Which one is your favourite? Let us know on Instagram or Facebook for a chance to win one of our bestselling Swazi Candles and baskets from our ethical homeware shop! You can also tag a friend or share in your stories for extra entries if you think they’d like to enter, too.