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Image of two persons clinking glasses with brightly coloured fairtrade soft drinks

5 Fairtrade drinks to quench your thirst

To celebrate Fairtrade Fortnight in style, you’ll need the right tipple. Not sure what to pick? Here are our top 5 fairly traded soft and hard drinks that taste great and support a good cause. Why not try them and let us know what your favourites are on our social media channels?

One lucky person will win a gorgeous Swazi Candle and a beautiful handwoven basket from our ethical homeware shop. (Deadline: 6th March 2022. T&Cs apply*.)

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What’s Fairtrade Fortnight?

Every year in February/March, consumers, businesses and campaigners come together for two weeks to show support for those farmers who produce Fairtrade food and other goods. Sadly, they do this under increasingly difficult circumstances. Covid-19 and the worsening climate crisis have been a double whammy for those working in developing countries!

Why should we trust the Fairtrade symbol?

This trademark indicates that farmers and growers are being paid a fairer price. That should be standard, but unfortunately, many workers in the developing world are still being exploited and abused, which means that they and their families are living and working in unsafe conditions.

By investing in Fairtrade products, governments, businesses and consumers all do their bit for a fairer economy. For more information, please see our post on the ten principles of Fair Trade.

Most people only know about Fairtrade food, but there are a number of beverages you’re able to buy.

Where can you buy fairly traded drinks?

You may be surprised about how many fair trade beverages there are, from soft to alcoholic ones (if you’re so inclined)! All major UK supermarkets stock a variety of Fairtrade food and beverages, and you’ll find an even bigger range online or in specialist shops.

What’s your tipple? Try these 5 Fairtrade drinks 

Image of fairtrade soft drinks

Karma Drinks: sodas that are fizzy, fab and fair 🥤

If you love coke or lemonade, but you want to buy soft drinks that are slightly healthier and much more ethical, try Karma’s sodas. Their ingredients are fairly traded and many are even organic. You can buy all ranges in bulk (£26.99 for 12 cans) online, or selected products in some UK shops, such as Holland & Barrett’s and Waitrose.

Our favourite soft drinks:

We especially like Karma Orangeade. It includes only organic ingredients, such as Fairtrade sugar, orange and lemon concentrate, natural flavourings and vitamin C. Not bad for a fizzy drink! A Karma Cola is also available (in classic and sugar-free versions).

Pukka: yummy and ethical teas for any time of day 🍵

For the more health-conscious, the organic and fairly traded Pukka teas have something for everyone. Pukka guarantees that at least 20% of herbs in each tea “are grown on Fair for Life certified farms, or on farms certified to an equivalently high fair standard.”

What’s even better: this certification includes all members of the supply chain, not just the farmers. Read more about this scheme on the Pukka website.

Our favourite teas:

At 17p per cuppa, they aren’t too expensive either. A great fairtrade product with lots of flavour.

Image of person harvesting English breakfast tea leaves.

Café Direct: guilt-free fair trade coffee with a kick ☕

Climate change, low incomes and poor working conditions badly affect coffee farmers in so-called “developing countries”. According to the Fairtrade Foundation, “in some coffee growing communities, there may not be enough food available for three to four months a year”.

With Café Direct, you can enjoy a delicious cup of coffee without a bad conscience. 

Their farmers are guaranteed a good minimum price and also receive an additional Fairtrade Premium. To enhance productivity and quality, they then re-invest at least 25% of this money.

Our favourite coffee:

Tip: For an extra ethical morning treat, enjoy your coffee in our quirky sugar skull skeleton coffee cups or in our Peacock espresso cups. 💚

Image of fairtrade coffee and a chalkboard reading "What''s your story?"

Co-op Fairtrade wines: sip these with a good conscience 🍷

Winegrowers in South Africa and South America have been especially badly affected by political, economic and environmental issues. That’s why the Fairtrade Foundation supports these regions and works with manufacturers and plantations to ensure adequate wages and better working conditions.

Luckily for us, it’s easy to buy Fairtrade wine in UK supermarkets. Co-op has a fantastic fairly traded range (both online and in stores), though major chains like Sainsbury’s and Waitrose also include some fair trade offers.

Our favourite wines:

Both choices are very affordable at £6.50 for 75cl:

  • Co-op Fairtrade Cabernet Sauvignon. A lovely red wine with a hint of dark fruit and a trace of vanilla. According to the retailer, “Fairtrade Premiums and grants from The Co-op have funded a water facility with a well, electric pump and storage tanks that supply residents with clean drinking water”.
  • Co-op Fairtrade Irresistible Sauvignon Blanc. A zesty white wine with refreshing citrus fruit flavours. Co-op states that, through purchases like this one, you can support community projects in South Africa, including after-school clubs that help keep children away from drug issues.

Chin-chin! Try the world’s first FAIR gin 🍸

Spirits aren’t typically fairly traded or organic, so we’re excited to introduce you to this one!

Our new favourite gin:

Made with Uzbek juniper berries, this fantastic new gin (42%) is organic and fairly traded. Apparently, it all starts with a quinoa vodka base. Then, some impressive ingredients are added, such as “juniper berries, lemons from Morocco, angelica roots, cardamon, coriander and timut pepper”. It’s gluten free and vegan friendly, too.

FAIR Gin even received a gold medal from Gin Masters London in 2021. What’s not to like?

Buy it online from Ocado. At £32 for 50cl, it’s not cheap, but you’ll get a high-quality spirit that supports Fairtrade producers. “Gin gin!” 😉

Image of a fairtrade gin and tonic drink

Convinced? Put Fairtrade drinks on your wish list

So, you see that Fairtrade works. Check out the many benefits of fairly traded products.  They:

  • guarantee a fair wage to producers around the world;
  • support social projects, so the whole community benefits;
  • often include organic or ethically sourced ingredients and natural flavours;
  • frequently are gluten-free and vegan friendly;
  • go very well with other Fairtrade food and snacks. Enjoy!

And don’t forget: connect with us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and let us know your favourite Fairtrade drink. You could win one of our best-selling Swazi Candles and a basket of your choice! 🎁