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Experience the magic of the season with our Christmas Store

Explore unique ornaments, sustainable tree décor, ethical gifts to suit any budget, and enchanting candles to illuminate your celebrations with style and conscience.

Discover our enchanting new Soapstone collection

Our exquisite new ethically sourced soapstone collection is a celebration of craftsmanship and grace. Each piece is a testament to the skilled hands of Kenyan artisans, making no two alike. Crafted from soapstone, this collection reveals nature's own dance of patterns and textures. Welcome the spirit of Kenya into your home.

Just Dropped! Gorgeous Ethical Homeware.

Make your home feel fresh and alive with our selection of beautiful, ethically-sourced, sustainable homeware and Fair Trade products – handmade by artisan crafters from around the world.

Woven Baskets

Practical and pleasing, our handcrafted woven baskets  are a beautiful combination of storage and art for any room in your home.

Tiffin Boxes

Our ever-popular three tier Tiffin lunch boxes are perfect for a homemade lunch and are handmade in Fair Trade conditions in India.


Some of our most popular items include our classic Moroccan style lanterns from Northern India and our unique and beautiful patterned candles, expertly crafted in the mountain kingdom of Eswatini.

Our mission to bring sustainable homeware and Fair Trade products to you is made possible by our partnerships with these and other artisan crafters around the world.

Elephant Candles

Part of our colourful Swazi candle range and available in a selection of patterns, bright, expressive and beautifully sculpted by artisans in Africa. 

Moroccan Lanterns

Bathe your home with warming, living light with our hammered brass and glass lanterns, plus our range of wooden and ceramic tea lights. 

Handcrafted by artisans in Africa, Asia and South America. 

From vibrant hand-woven baskets, unique kitchen utensils to colourful Swazi candles, you’ll love the collection of gorgeous lifestyle products, homewares and gifts in our shop.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect small gift, the ideal decoration for your favourite room or a beautiful and unique practical item you can use everyday, look no further than Karakorum.  

Passionate about Fair Trade

At Karakorum we care about the artisans we work with. We do everything we can to improve working conditions and make sure the people we work with are paid a fair wage.

We seek always to source products that are made sustainably using eco-friendly processes and materials.

With many of our products we also aim to help support traditional crafting techniques.

Above all we’re an ethical company. 

From the Blog

Meet the makers and learn about their lives.

Discover the artisans behind Karakorum’s ethical home decor in our inspiring blog posts. Get a glimpse into their lives, their craft techniques, and the cultural heritage that inspires their creations. Each post takes you on a personal journey, showcasing the skills and creativity of these remarkable artisans. By sharing their stories, we aim to promote sustainability and fair trade practices, inviting you to be a part of this journey towards a more conscious and impactful way of decorating your home.

Below are just some of the artisans that we support

As an ethical company…  We try to ensure that the artisans who make our products get a fair wage, there is no exploitation (for instance of children), women are treated equally, and the community and those most in need of work benefit from our trade. Sustainability is also a key principle for us and our makers.

A group photo of the Tabaka Chigware self help group
Soapstone carvers from the Kisii region in Kenya
Artisan weaving group from Rwanda
Weavers from Rwanda
The swazi candle team
Candle makers in Eswatini
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